Areas of Study

Undergraduate Certificate & Minors

Princeton University’s oldest interdepartmental plan of study has since 1942 explored America in the world and how the world lives in (the) America(s), hosting conversations to connect theory and practice and foster comparative study among disciplines.

Through an undergraduate course of study, public events, and research support, Asian American studies at Princeton offers interdisciplinary perspectives on Asian American and Pacific Islander histories, cultures, contemporary experiences and transnational connections and contexts.

Latino studies at Princeton traverses the humanities, arts and social sciences to provide a broad understanding of the emergence, transformation and consolidation of Latino/a/x peoples, their transnational connections and their centrality to the development of the United States as a nation.

Initiatives and Focuses

Our undergraduate courses and support for the Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton (NAISIP) and Princeton American Indian and Indigenous Studies Working Group (PAIISWG) have been instrumental in building Indigenous studies at Princeton.

Undergraduates in our certificate programs learn to connect theory and practice, exploring the many experiences and identities of the Americas through diverse research objects, in Princeton's libraries and art museum, at local farms, and in theaters and community development projects. 

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