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Detail of the Daily Princetonian, April 15, 1959, showing the lead article, “Castro Schedules Address Here.”

Areas of Study

Bierstadt, Albert. Mount Adams, Washington, 1875. Oil on Canvas, 138 x 213 cm. Princeton University Art Museum.

Members of the Little Tokyo Anti-Eviction Task Force lead a protest against evictions of residents and small businesses by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency in the backdrop of City Hall and the Kajima Building. Photo courtesy of Karen Umemoto

Detail of the 1849 California Constitution. Printed in both English and Spanish and English, the constitution explicitly guaranteed Spanish-language translations. Records of the California State Constitution, 1849, California State Archives.

Luger, Cannupa Hanska. Mirror Shields for Standing Rock, 2016. Project, N.D., 2016. Photo via drone by Rory Wakemup.

Princeton students in the course “American Agrarians” cultivate reclaimed urban farmland. Photo by Tessa Desmond


Viele, Egbert L, and Ferd. Mayer and Co. Topographical map of the City of New York : showing original water courses and made land, c. 1874. Hand colored, 45 x 161 cm. Library of Congress.

AMS 101, America Then and Now

Cole, Thomas. View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm — The Oxbow, 1836. Oil on canvas, 130.8 x 193 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Princeton University Constitution Day Lecture

The Constitution of the United States. National Archives, Washington.

Protesters sit at the intersection of James Street and 4th Avenue in Downtown Seattle, in front of Seattle City Hall, as part of the George Floyd protests, 2020. Wikimedia, user SounderBruce.