‘Creative Ecologies’: Storytelling and environmentalism

Written by
Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications
Jan. 27, 2020

Students in several Princeton courses this fall examined the perils of climate change by considering how storytelling — with elements of description, language and structure — can influence people’s perceptions and fire up the imagination.

One of the classes in the humanities was “Creative Ecologies: American Environmental Narrative, Media and Art (1980-2020),” taught by Allison Carruth, the Fall 2019 Anschutz Distinguished Fellow in American Studies and a visiting associate professor of American studies. Carruth is known for her collaborative work in bridging the arts, humanities and sciences.

“Creative Ecologies” explores how writers and artists, alongside scientists and activists, have shaped American environmental thought from 1980 to today. One of the assignments asked the 12 undergraduates to team up on a storytelling project using various media. One of those teams, highlighted here, created a podcast.

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