Judith Weisenfeld brings $1 million grant from Henry Luce Foundation

Written by
Center for Culture, Society and Religion
Dec. 11, 2020

What role has religion played in shaping African American history, culture, economics, politics, and social life and how have Black religions contributed to American life and culture? What impact have migration, immigration, and transnational engagements had on African American religious life? How have Black religious leaders and communities responded to COVID-19, to climate and environmental crises, and to struggles for racial justice?

Funded with a $1 million grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, The Crossroads Project will advance public understanding of the history, politics, and cultures of African American religions, exploring these questions and aims to highlight the diversity of traditions in Black religious life, past and present. Led by AMS executive committee member Judith Weisenfeld, the Agate Brown and George L. Collord Professor and chair of Princeton’s Department of Religion, along with Anthea D. Butler, associate professor of religion at the University of Pennsylvania, and Lerone A. Martin, associate professor of religion and politics at Washington University in St. Louis, the four-year, multi-institution project will provide funding for projects by scholars, teachers, religious and civic leaders, community organizations, and artists. These research, teaching, community, and arts fellows will make original contributions that will enhance the public understanding of Black religious histories, cultures, and communities.

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