Laurie Beth Clark

Department Affiliate in the Effron Center for the Study of America

M.F.A., Rutgers University

M.A., University of New Mexico 

B.A., Hampshire College



Laurie Beth Clark is a professor of Non-Static Forms in the Art Department of the University of Wisconsin where, since 1985, she has taught studio classes in Video, Performance, and Installations, as well as Special Topics like Collaboration and Relational Aesthetics and more than twenty different academic seminars in Visual Culture Studies.

Since 2001, Clark has been working on a global comparative study of trauma memorials. The monograph in progress Always Already Again: Trauma Tourism and the Politics of Memory Culture includes research on apartheid memories in South African, atomic bomb sites in Japan, clandestine torture centers in Argentina and Chile, commemoration of the American War in Vietnam, concentration camps in Germany and Poland, genocide memorials in Rwanda and Cambodia, and slave forts in Ghana.